Bendix have the latest generation of disc brake pads for a new generation of commercial vehicles. Bendix commercial vehicle disc pads are designed to withstand the extreme demands of heavy duty operation giving you braking confidence and safety on the road when you need it most.

#1 For Stopping Power

With the trend shifting to disc brakes, brake pads become the single biggest contributor in controlling the motion of these vehicles. Bendix Protrans™ disc pads continue to give you exceptional reliability and quality performance vital to your commercial vehicles. Packed full of features Bendix Commercial Vehicle disc Brake Pads offer ECE R90 certification, premium friction materials, Titanium Bedding-in technology and all of the hardware you need for replacement.

Clean K200 Blue

Superior Friction Stability

Bendix Protrans™ disc pads have a strong, predictable friction level regardless of temperature, speed or axle load. This material is designed for harsh conditions and is validated to OE specification, for low wear and long life, particularly at high temperatures. The range includes references to cover most popular commercial vehicle applications.

Truck Trailer Brake Lining

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Disc Pads Are Specified to Deliver Superior Braking Performance

The ECE Regulation 90 specifies the design, construction, performance requirements and test protocols for strict European regulations. ECE R90 calls for brake pads to be tested for braking capabilities, speed sensitivity, cold performance, and may only deviate from the frictional characteristics of their original equipment counterparts by no more than 15%.

When you fit Bendix Commercial Vehicle disc pads, you’re fitting the highest quality brake pads engineered for optimum performance, braking durability and driving comfort.

Protrans protrans HD ECE 760x500
E-Mark regulation 90 (ECE-R90) approval
Proven performance testing
OE quality
Low fade, safety and durability
Low pad wear
Extended servicing intervals
Comprehensive range
Covers most popular applications
Hardware included
Ready to fit
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