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A general purpose passenger vehicle brake pad for everyday driving. Featuring Ceramic Technology which enhanced durability, low dust, low rotor wear. Also has a unique Blue Titanium Stripe for sure stopping right out of the box

Bendix Blue Titanium Stripe

The Bendix Blue Titanium Stripe is another improvement in brake technology developed by the Bendix engineer. The Blue Titanium Stripe adds a new level of stopping power straight out of the box. The original Titanium Stripe eliminated the need for bedding-in Bendix brakes saving you time and money, now the new Blue Titanium Stripe goes even further, lasting longer and creating the ideal brake pad and rotor surface to give better braking performance right after fitting.

Blue Titanium Non Stealth

Bendix Noise Absorbing Shims

Bendix noise absorbing shims are designed to effectively prevent the transmission of vibration and noise from the brake pad by reducing the effect of the dynamic forces generated during braking. The material construction utilises advanced Bendix noise absorbing shim technology making the shims impervious to a wide range of climates, salt, water, oil, while providing excellent noise damping and vibration isolation.

Passenger shim diagram 760x500

Consistent performance

FMP Group, the makers of Bendix, has access to the very latest ceramic technology from Europe and the US. The new General CT range is made from compounds proven over many millions of kilometres based on premium formulations. The most tangible benefit to the driver is a consistent or constant pedal feel all day long - from a cold start in the morning to the demands of city braking right through the normal driving day. Each compound is designed for specific applications using premium ceramic formulations for superior noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) control.

Gct consistant performance car 760x500
Latest friction technology, giving improved stopping performance, low dust, low rotor wear and enhanced durability.
No bedding-in required, meaning less down time and improved customer satisfaction. Instant pedal feel from the first stop.
Featuring Noise Absorbing Shims for reduced transmission of vibration and noise from the brake pad during extreme braking.
Product engineered and tested to eliminate noise and vibration.
Specifically suited for general purpose usage, giving a more consistent pedal feel.
More than 500 references available, covering the majority of Light, Small, Medium and Large vehicles.

Product Features

Ceramic Tile
Stripe Tile

Product Comparison

Smoother & Quieter

“We put real effort into cars on Malaysian roads and that is why Bendix General CT is unique.”

Bendix General CT is quieter than any pads on the market. As the only manufacturer in Australia with state of the art testing facilities, Bendix develops and tests brake pads to ensure you get the quietest, safest brake pads. At Bendix, we invest considerable effort into research and development of brake pads that are designed for cars in the Malaysian region. While competitors can easily copy the shape or look of our pads, there is no other brand out there that has the knowledge of, or commitment to the local market, as well as the required technology, to produce anything that comes close to the Bendix General CT product. Bendix General CT is now better than ever with the addition of STEALTH Advanced Technology, resulting in the virtual elimination of noise and vibration at the source, delivering our quietest brake pads ever

Dynamometer 760X500

Better Braking

Most brake pads use abrasive friction to slow the vehicle, but with Bendix General CT it’s cohesive friction.

When compared to the aggressive abrasive action of traditional friction materials, the ceramic technology used in General CT means almost no brake dust and minimal rotor wear. With cohesive friction, a protective friction film from the pads is transferred to the rotor surface and braking force is achieved by continuously breaking the adhesive bonds between the brake pad and the friction film on the rotor. Fitting General CT means less dust without sacrificing braking performance.

What’s more, General CT pads cloaked in STEALTH Advanced Technology have no radial features so they do not sustain vibration due to contact between rotor and friction material. This revolutionary new innovation transfers caliper force where it is needed, providing the most effective surface contact area. STEALTH delivers long wearing and unrivalled stopping performance.

Gct Better Braking Graph 1880X800

How your brake system works

See how your brake system's components fit together in our interactive 360° guide.

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